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Google says websites must be mobile-friendly by April 21, 2015! Get a free website analysis!

Websites must be mobile-friendly contact Protean7 Interactive for web designs that are.

Websites must be mobile-friendly.

Google has announced on their Webmaster Central Blog that beginning on that date, Google search results will penalize websites that are not mobile friendly. This can have a tremendous impact on potential customers’ ability to find you online when searching for a company that provides your product or service. If you enjoy a page 1 ranking now, but are not mobile-friendly, you could find your website buried deeper in the pages of results.

So how do you fix this? Contact Protean7 Interactive for an evaluation. We will run a free Google analysis on your site and let you know what changes are necessary. Depending on how your site was built, it may only mean that styling be added to accommodate mobile devices. It does not necessarily mean you must have an entirely new site built at a substantial cost.

Keep a few things in mind:

  1. Just because your images and text shrink down to fit on a 2-inch wide screen does not mean it is mobile-friendly. If the text becomes so small it is unreadable, that does you no good.
  2. If links are so close together that a person can easily tap the wrong link, that provides a bad user-experience and your user may go elsewhere.
  3. If your page content loads slowly on a large device, it will likely load even slower on a mobile device. Viewers won’t wait forever for your site to appear.
  4. Most companies don’t need separate urls for a desktop website and a mobile website. That can hurt your SEO for both sites. A smartly designed site will adapt to a mobile device nicely without losing its appeal and excluding essential information. Your mobile site shouldn’t be so vastly different that a person who viewed it on a desktop becomes lost within the site when they pull it up on their cell phone while en-route to your location.

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