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New Website for Collier’s Affordable Caskets

Mobile-friendly discount casket retail website by Protean7 Interactive

Mobile-friendly discount casket retail website by Protean7 Interactive

If you’ve ever priced the cost of a funeral, you know caskets can be costly. Our client, Collier’s Affordable Caskets, offers significant savings on quality caskets. Helping reduce funeral costs in Central Texas for 18 years, the site had been modified multiple times over the years and Mr. Collier realized the existing format no longer worked as a way to reach customers.

Desiring a professionally developed site Mr. Collier turned to Protean7 Interactive for a complete site redesign. He offers an extensive gallery of metal and wooden caskets, and provides free delivery to most locations within 50 miles of Austin. Beyond just casket information, the site offers families extensive information and checklists for planning a funeral, applying for military and veteran funeral and survivor benefits, and social security funeral benefits. View the project description for more details.

He was so pleased with the site, he then commissioned us to create a Facebook page for the business and requested continued site maintenance.

We’re proud to add Collier’s Affordable Caskets to our list of clients and wish them the best as their business grows as a result of a better web presence.

If your site needs a fresher look, or need a site to begin with, call 512.539.6767 and let Protean7 Interactive help you get the website you want and need.