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After being reindexed and crawled by Google within the first week of launch, the site retains its #1 position for target search terms.



Collier’s Affordable Caskets, a discount casket supplier in Austin, Texas.
Owner, Bill Collier


After deciding his website was outdated, Mr. Collier turned to Protean7 Interactive for a complete site redesign of Collier’s Affordable Caskets. He wanted a professionally designed and developed website to replace the one that had been put together ad-hoc over the years. The site enjoyed a position 1 ranking on Google, however, he felt a redesign was in order. It was important to the owner to retain the #1 position and he felt a more appealing site would generate greater business volume. The client’s criteria included:

  • a professional, cohesive design
  • re-write of content since the site was extremely text-heavy
  • a friendly look and feel
  • easily changeable images, descriptions, and prices
  • be mobile responsive


A Content Management System was essential to enable easy changing of product records so the WordPress CMS was chosen as the platform. The redesign includes:

  • use of imagery and design principles to improve user appeal and retention
  • establishing a hierarchy of more concise messaging on each page and site-wide, and a consistent navigation menu
  • using headings and bullet points to concisely convey messages
  • providing extensive SEO to maintain the search position.
  • created downloadable checklists for use in funeral planning and obtaining various survivor benefits
  • replaced gmail address with custom domain name address


WordPress CMS, HTML5 and CSS3.

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