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“What’s in your”…Brand?!

Your company brand is. . . your company! Many people mistakenly think their brand is simply their company’s logo. However, your brand is much more than a graphic symbol. Your brand is the entire mental image that people have when they see or hear something that reminds them of your company. Is that a good image, or a bad image? In large part, it’s up to you. Consider three elements that contribute to the makeup of your brand: Visual First is the Visual element. What do they “see” about you? This includes your logo, the look of your website and media presence, the appearance of your place of business. Just as your place of business must look well constructed or people will leave, your website must also present a professionally built appearance or people will go to another site. According to a Stanford University study, when people see a website with a poor design, then they discount the credibility of your site. If that’s how they view your website, how will they view your business? Just as you wouldn’t build your own building, use a professional web designer to design and develop a website you will be proud to use in representing your business. Communication The next element is Communication. What message does your market hear? Don’t confuse that with the words you may be saying, because they may not be hearing what you say. If you’ve blown it on the other two elements, they may just ignore your attempts to communicate your message. Make sure you develop your message carefully. Communicate it when and where the right people... read more

Web Design Company Welcomed by the Greater Leander Chamber of Commerce

This week I went to the Greater Leander Chamber of Commerce Lunch and Learn for the first time—and was I surprised at the production! There were at least 120 people present by my count. The theme this week was Spirit Lunch, celebrating both high schools in Leander and their students. Members of their football teams represented both Leander and Rouse high schools. We were treated to music from a drum line and routines by a cheer leading squad, both giving fantastic performances. Various organizations presented information, but one I wanted to highlight is Laces for Leander. They collect new shoes to provide to students in Leander who are in need. Just remember the thrill you may have had when you went to your first day of school sporting a new pair of shoes! Shoes will be distributed August 15th. You can donate either money or brand name, new shoes. Drop-off locations are: Greater Leander Chamber of Commerce Texas Family Eyecare Travisso Welcome Center Rockpointe Church Bang Salon & Day Spa. You can make monetary donations at M:25 Alliance by clicking the “Donate” button at the top. You can download this flyer for more information. The Chamber welcomed Protean7 Interactive as a new member and presented us the member plaque. I had the privilege of telling the audience that as a web design firm we focus on helping small and medium size businesses have a professionally designed and developed website to represent their business. With our background in working with large and small business from within both the commercial and government sectors, and degrees in Web Design and in Business... read more

Website Design and Branding for a New Client, San Gabriel Builders

The construction industry in Leander and the Austin area is booming. It seems that on almost every block a new building is under construction. San Gabriel Builders, headquartered in Georgetown, is keenly aware of this economic boost to the area and approached Protean7 Interactive to design a new website and brand for them, and provide hosting and maintenance services. San Gabriel Builders offers three services: construction of custom homes, construction of multi-family housing, and land development. Customers can look forward to individualized attention and responsiveness since they work directly with the owners throughout the entire construction process. They use their extensive experience in the industry to achieve quality construction, keeping customers informed throughout the process. We are pleased to add San Gabriel Builders to our client family. We have found them a great team to work with, and we are sure you will also. View their website at sgbtx.com, and if you are in the market for a custom home or you are an investor looking to build your next real estate investment give them a call at 512.695.3332. To see more details about this project, view the project page. If you need branding and a website design, whether you are an established company looking for a makeover or a new company preparing to launch, contact Protean7 Interactive to help you have an awesome and successful website to help your business grow. San Gabriel Builders made the smart decision to use Protean7 Interactive – what about you? Call 512.539.6767... read more

Web Design Company Joins the Greater Leander Chamber of Commerce

One aspect of establishing a business in a community is becoming part of that community and getting involved with other local businesses and events. Today, Protean7 Interactive took another step in that process by becoming a member of the Greater Leander Chamber of Commerce. Having attended a recent meeting of the Networking Roundtable for Business and Real Estate (held the second Tuesday of the month, 8:30 – 10:00am in Pat Bryson Hall, 201 N. Brushy), the leadership of the Chamber and the City itself were impressive in their desire to see Leander grow as a dynamic community, and the businesses within it to succeed. We look forward to supporting local businesses with their website design and website development needs as we all grow... read more

The Knitting Cup

Recently, The Knitting Cup in Georgetown, Texas contacted us for assistance with their website. A new store specializing in knitting and crochet supplies, they wanted to expand the functionality of their website. Knowing it is important to keep a business in the forefront of customers, they wanted the capability to publish blogs automatically to Facebook and Twitter when published on the website. To enable customers to share pages and articles on social media to give even further visibility to the business, they wanted us to add a Share button capability for customers. Having been hit by spam, they also wanted a spam filter for comments while still allowing easy comment posting by their legitimate followers. Additionally, they wanted training on how to make certain appearance changes to the site. Following completion of this work, they were so pleased with our support they asked us to install an event calendar, as well as a subscriber plugin to allow email notification of blog posts. Working with Shawnee Kunz on this project was a pleasure. Her business is growing, not only because of her consistent updating of her website and social media presence, but because she is very knowledgeable about knitting and is very friendly to everyone. If you need knitting or crochet supplies, The Knitting Cup is the place to go. Or, just stop by and welcome her as a new Georgetown business. Who knows, you may even end up taking up a new hobby! If you are in need of web design or website development services, contact Protean7 Interactive to discuss how your website can help your business grow. We... read more

New Website for Collier’s Affordable Caskets

If you’ve ever priced the cost of a funeral, you know caskets can be costly. Our client, Collier’s Affordable Caskets, offers significant savings on quality caskets. Helping reduce funeral costs in Central Texas for 18 years, the site had been modified multiple times over the years and Mr. Collier realized the existing format no longer worked as a way to reach customers. Desiring a professionally developed site Mr. Collier turned to Protean7 Interactive for a complete site redesign. He offers an extensive gallery of metal and wooden caskets, and provides free delivery to most locations within 50 miles of Austin. Beyond just casket information, the site offers families extensive information and checklists for planning a funeral, applying for military and veteran funeral and survivor benefits, and social security funeral benefits. View the project description for more details. He was so pleased with the site, he then commissioned us to create a Facebook page for the business and requested continued site maintenance. We’re proud to add Collier’s Affordable Caskets to our list of clients and wish them the best as their business grows as a result of a better web presence. If your site needs a fresher look, or need a site to begin with, call 512.539.6767 and let Protean7 Interactive help you get the website you want and... read more

P7I Welcomes Dr. Jenkins, LMFT to Our Family!

Protean7 Interactive is excited to announce the launch of our latest client’s website, DrLizJenkins.com for Dr. Elizabeth Jenkins, LMFT. Dr. Jenkins offers a variety of therapist services in Pflugerville. During a casual conversation she found out P7I’s web design, website development, SEO and hosting services were exactly what she had been desiring. She had been with a template website provider, but wanted a custom design to take her practice to the next level online. Working closely with her, P7I designed a site to achieve the look and features she wanted. Though launch required a host change, there was less than a minute disruption to her website visibility and only a few minutes for her email account (hosted by Google with her custom domain) which site visitors were warned of prior to conversion. Now, with Google’s new algorithm set to penalize non-mobile friendly sites beginning April 21, 2015 she has a site that is unique and mobile friendly. Protean7 Interactive wishes her the best of luck in her growing business. If you are a medical practice in need of website design or website development, call 512.539.6767 and let Protean7 Interactive help you get the website you want and... read more

Google says websites must be mobile-friendly by April 21, 2015! Get a free website analysis!

Google has announced on their Webmaster Central Blog that beginning on that date, Google search results will penalize websites that are not mobile friendly. This can have a tremendous impact on potential customers’ ability to find you online when searching for a company that provides your product or service. If you enjoy a page 1 ranking now, but are not mobile-friendly, you could find your website buried deeper in the pages of results. So how do you fix this? Contact Protean7 Interactive for an evaluation. We will run a free Google analysis on your site and let you know what changes are necessary. Depending on how your site was built, it may only mean that styling be added to accommodate mobile devices. It does not necessarily mean you must have an entirely new site built at a substantial cost. Keep a few things in mind: Just because your images and text shrink down to fit on a 2-inch wide screen does not mean it is mobile-friendly. If the text becomes so small it is unreadable, that does you no good. If links are so close together that a person can easily tap the wrong link, that provides a bad user-experience and your user may go elsewhere. If your page content loads slowly on a large device, it will likely load even slower on a mobile device. Viewers won’t wait forever for your site to appear. Most companies don’t need separate urls for a desktop website and a mobile website. That can hurt your SEO for both sites. A smartly designed site will adapt to a mobile device nicely without... read more

Leander is an Awesome Location for Business!

The Secret is Out! It’s no secret to residents that Leander is growing, but now it’s official: Leander is the fourth fastest growing city in Texas! Recently KVUE ran a segment describing several factors contributing to Leander’s growth: 62 square miles of land for development 24 new developments in the works over 14,000 homes in some phase of planning or construction a new campus for Austin Community College built near the metro tax receipts increasing 16% or more year after year demographers projecting that the population will grow from 38,000 to 250,000 in the next 20-25 years. With this level of growth, Leander will no longer be a small town or a sleepy suburb of Austin. We will soon have all the population-demands of a large city. Unparalleled Opportunity for Business Growth What does this mean for Leander business owners? Now is the perfect time to position your business for growth! There may be other actions necessary to accomplish this, but one important element is your business website. Consumers must be easily able to find your business where they look first —their smartphone or computer. A website that will attract them to call you for the service or product they seek is crucial. Your Business Investment that Works “24-7” The investment in a good website is as critical as is the investment you make in inventory, physical location, and any other marketing you undertake. With relevant content and good SEO, it can take time for your site to rise in search engine results to appear on page 1, so don’t delay. And, without a good website, your site may... read more

Let the Waves Begin!

Protean7 Interactive is a new web design company in Leander! We serve Leander, Georgetown, Cedar Park, Round Rock and the central Texas communities surrounding Austin. The outcome of many years of business experience in both government and industry, we design attractive, user-friendly and mobile-friendly websites for our customers. We put our heart into the projects we undertake. We will work closely with you to design and build a website that will represent your business well, whether it is a medium-size firm needing a website redesign, or a medical practice or other solo entrepreneur wanting their first website to get their name known. Thank you for visiting our website and for your patronage. I believe you’ll be glad you chose to let us work with you.... read more