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Web Design Company Welcomed by the Greater Leander Chamber of Commerce

This week I went to the Greater Leander Chamber of Commerce Lunch and Learn for the first time—and was I surprised at the production! There were at least 120 people present by my count. The theme this week was Spirit Lunch, celebrating both high schools in Leander and their students. Members of
their football teams represented both Leander and Rouse high schools. We were treated to music from a drum line and routines by a cheer leading squad, both giving fantastic performances.


Various organizations presented information, but one I wanted to highlight is Laces for Leander. They collect new shoes to provide to students in Leander who are in need. Just remember the thrill you may have had when you went to your first day of school sporting a new pair of shoes! Shoes will be distributed August 15th. You can donate either money or brand name, new shoes. Drop-off locations are:

You can make monetary donations at M:25 Alliance by clicking the “Donate” button at the top. You can download this flyer for more information.

The Chamber welcomed Protean7 Interactive as a new member and presented us the member plaque. I had the privilege of telling the audience that as a web design firm we focus on helping small and medium size businesses have a professionally designed and developed website to represent their business. With our background in working with large and

small business from within both the commercial and government sectors, and degrees in Web Design and in Business Administration, we bring a well-rounded ability to help businesses convey their products or services and their brand to the community and their customers.
If you have not attended a Lunch and Learn, you can attend even if you are not a member. It is well worth your time!
Protean7 Interactive Greater Leander Chamber of Commerce membership plaque

Protean7 Interactive Greater Leander Chamber of Commerce membership plaque