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“What’s in your”…Brand?!

brand elements illustrate company branding
Your company brand is. . . your company! Many people mistakenly think their brand is simply their company’s logo. However, your brand is much more than a graphic symbol. Your brand is the entire mental image that people have when they see or hear something that reminds them of your company. Is that a good image, or a bad image? In large part, it’s up to you.

Consider three elements that contribute to the makeup of your brand:


  • First is the Visual element. What do they “see” about you? This includes your logo, the look of your website and media presence, the appearance of your place of business. Just as your place of business must look well constructed or people will leave, your website must also present a professionally built appearance or people will go to another site. According to a Stanford University study, when people see a website with a poor design, then they discount the credibility of your site. If that’s how they view your website, how will they view your business? Just as you wouldn’t build your own building, use a professional web designer to design and develop a website you will be proud to use in representing your business.


  • The next element is Communication. What message does your market hear? Don’t confuse that with the words you may be saying, because they may not be hearing what you say. If you’ve blown it on the other two elements, they may just ignore your attempts to communicate your message. Make sure you develop your message carefully. Communicate it when and where the right people are listening or else you are speaking into thin air. Ensure anything you put into print, on the air, or on the internet is written and created professionally.


  • The last element is Experience. This is not referring so much to your level of experience, although that is important. It refers to the experience of your customer. If they have a great experience, they will be glad to recommend you when the subject comes up. And, don’t think experience consists only of speaking on the phone or visiting your business. It also includes their online experience. According to a Google study, “…48% said that if a site didn’t work well on their smartphones, it made them feel like the company didn’t care about their business.” Can you afford that?

Whether you are developing a brand to start a business, or trying to strengthen the brand of your existing business, consider the whole picture and not just one aspect of it. Your business is certainly built on more than a logo!

If your existing website or brand image needs work, or if you are just beginning your business, contact us at 512.539.6767 or info@protean7interactive.com. We’d love the opportunity to work with you in building your brand, or even just your website!